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Welcome to The Original Scriptures, the Greatest Truth ever in plain English!

Welcome to the greatest Truth you will ever find! Many lovers of Scripture have asked "where are the Original Scriptures?" Our true Scriptural Savior has graciously restored them for these Latter Days for all who truly seek Him! Check your Scriptural knowledge by writing your answers first!

Answers to self test are below: (Don't cheat by looking first!)

1) Why is "LORD" capitalized in the Holy Bible?
2) What is the name of our true God and Savior in the earliest 7000 OS manuscripts?
3) What is the most frequent teaching of OS?
4) Where does "the Church of Jesus Christ" come from?
5) Does God murder children?
6) What are the first four new testament OS books?
7) What do the first five of the Ten Commandments all have in common?
8) Can we have multiple wives like David, a man after God's own heart?

The Restoration Original Scriptures (ROS) & OSE1

 The Original Scriptures E1 (OSE1) is translated from 70 AD manuscripts called Roshuwn Owlam Shalemi- (ROS) discovered in 2009 AY (After YAHUW or 2002 AC-“According to Catholic time”) in ancient eastern YAsarel (Bara/Gen 15:18),  just west of the Euphrates River near the famous ancient “silk road.” Seven of the manuscripts have been carbon-dated to around 77 AY (70 AD). Except for the P-52 fragment, this pre-dates the former earliest New Testament texts by 130 years! These are the only NT texts known in YAHUWdith/AbraYA (sign name-sn-“Paleo-Hebrew,” the only original Scripture language, not Aramaic as many think). These texts qualify to be exact copies of the Perfect Original Scriptures based on the 10 criteria on page 547 of OSE1 as assured by the Savior YAHUW in MatithYAHUW/Mt 5:18. They were especially prepared with a unique ink formula to last a long time, as if the copyists expected a long persecution against the Kingdom of YAH and His Word. The entire manuscript vault was tightly sealed with pitch under a modest stone house floor and buried under 12 meters of sand. The scroll vault had no stairs, yet was 3 meters tall. The vault entry stone was given by a code written in YAHUWdith in the floor stones above: “Baruwk hata BaShem HWHY(Blessed be The Name of YAHUWAH).

 According to inscriptions, the house and/or land plot appeared to have belonged to the great NabiYA DanYAel during the Babylonian exile (576-507 BY). These were freshly copied for “The Great Latter Day Visitation when The Word of YAH, and the Beloved Name of HWHY will be restored across the earth "like the water covers the sea.” When you read OSE1, you will know absolutely that these ROS Texts are the 100% perfect Originals. The RUWach will lead you to know true Salvation Truth!

The ROS manuscripts contained all the available 74 out of the 77 Scriptural Books of the Original Scriptural Books. ChazUW YAHUW (Rev) was written 23 years later, around 100 AY (93 ACE) by the great YAHUWchanon.

Ma’asah MalakiYA II is being compiled as manuscripts are found. Acharith YAomi (Latter Day Acts of YA) is in process of being written by modern day NabiYA.

The majority of the research and primary rough translation was done by 77 excellent LeUWYA “Word-servants” of the East and their 153 assistants. The final English editing was done by us Western YAHUWdAH who are working to be primary scholars, so there will certainly be minor future improvements.  We have researched, studied and worked very hard for these 14 years to give you the best translation of The Original Scriptures from the ROS texts, in consultation with the 13,000 public ancient texts and the best translators in English history. We guarantee the core message is 100% accurate! 13,000 existing registered texts in 153 museums today confirm their accuracy.

The ROS texts are protected in a remote, low humidity and safe study location in the HimalaYA Mountains. We do have arrangements for a number of qualified Word lovers to study the ROS texts themselves. The qualifications are listed in the appendix. Most importantly, you must be pure in your love for Truth. Disobedient, lazy or dishonest people are forbidden by Scripture to touch or even study these Eternal Perfections. In order to meet the basic qualifications to study the Original Scriptures, you must first pass the short self test below. It is the best investment of your time ever! BarUWkiYA YAsarel! TodAH YAHUWAH!
Welcome- RaphA, Altar Servant LeUWYA, for YAsarel West

Answers to Self Test:

1) "LORD" never occurs in the OS. "Lord" is the name of a pagan english god (Lourde) and inserted in substitute to God's eternal Name!
2) YAHUWAH and His Son YAHUW
3) YAHUWAH, YAHUW and "Almighty Eternal Loving YA of All Creation"
4) "Church" comes from the Catholic "Circe," the root word of "sorcery!" "Jesus Christ" comes from the Catholic Jesuits in 1534, created by the Pope to stop the Reformation by controlling seekers, which it did.
5) No, El YAH forbids murder of anyone, especially children.
6) MatithYAHUW, MarkUW, UriYAH-LukAH, YAHUWchanon
7) The Name of YAHUWAH! They define how to love God!
8) The OS forbids polygamy and concubines. David, AbrAHam, YAsaac and YAacob and the prophets and apostles were all monogamous!

Did you get them right? Shocking right? So why did the Church change these fundamentals of Scripture? Join us and find out the greatest truths of your life! But warning: don't be defensive! Embrace truth! It will set you free!

After you research and believe in these basic truths, we invite you to join us in an exciting webinar study of the OS every Firstday (Sunday) 8-9 AM Central Daylight Time (CDT) USA by going to and entering ID 148-320-299. You may also listen in by telephone:
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There is also a fun informative "Seeking Truth" webinar on Sabbath (Sat) evenings 8-9 PM CDT. Go to the same and ID is 158-126-595. Tel is 01 (646) 307-1722, then 468-947-170. Welcome to God's real Scriptures and the exciting adventure to really know God!

Seeking The Original Scriptures:

Beyond Nimrod, Babylon, Jews, Jesuits and Jesus

The Foundation of Seeking: The Evidence for an Awesome Loving Good God

 The creation itself is massive evidence for a “Prime Mover”, an “Intelligent Designer” who began it all. If that Creator was malicious, a slave master or capricious, we would know it and hate him! If he was a “sugar daddy Santa Claus” we would also know it and be spoiled brats living in some “heavenly candy store” already. If He was loving but also had the purpose of developing strong character in us, would we not be given the basics to seek Him but still have to seek for Him through obstacles? Would He not leave lots of primal evidence (like creation) but the higher the truths, the harder it would be to find them? Would not a “veil of truth” be expected because of the essential ingredient of freedom of choice embedded in the very nature of “unselfish Love?” If we have freedom, we would expect “anti-God” powers and people on this earth. In fact, since character is built strongest in hardship and persecution, should we not expect the highest truths in rare places and among few people? Are the greatest rewards “free and easy?” Yet a loving God would surely leave the seekers with a sure trail to His Word, would He not? This is exactly what we find in both the natural order and in the ancient Scriptures.

Why seek at all? What’s wrong with the “Holy Bible” we have now?

 The problem with pagan religion’s blind “read it-believe it” approach to the English Scriptures is easy to see. First of all, “Holy” (Holi) is the name of an Assyrian/Hindu god, still worshiped today! Secondly, most of the Jewish manuscripts used for the "Holy Bible" not only vary widely but also contradict fundamental basic Ten Commandment and Love teachings! Some of these are:

1)       Look in the preface of a “Holy Bible” under "the Covenant Name" or "YHWH" and see if they admit to replacing hwhy with "LORD" or “LORD God” and taking away the Eternal Saving Name hwhy (“YAH-UU-AH”, spelled "yod, hay, uwa, hay"). Most popular Bibles admit this is a "device" (deception/vice) or "tradition." Now read DebariYA/Dt 4:2, 12:32 and Rev 22:18-19, even the last warning by Almighty YAH and the one that brings eternal destruction of that person who does it intentionally: "Don't add to" and "don't take away one Word from this Book (YAH’s Scripture)." When you take away hwhy, or any part of His Eternal Saving Name out of His Eternal Word, you trespass against His clear warning, "Don't take away one letter of My Word." We are to love and honor His Word, every letter, every word!

 2)       Even though most translations take out YAHUW and YAHUWAH, they still keep “YAH” as in Psalm 68:4 and in all the prophets names (Isai-YAH, Jeremi-YAH, Zackeri-YAH, Eli-YAH etc)

 3)       The true character of God (“El YAHUWAH” in all ancient Scripture) sharply contrasts where “the Lord” (=king’s servant, bishop) upholds the “Royal” divine superiority of kings, popes, bishops and priests over commoners (like entire OT & Rom 13),

 4)       Promotes polygamy and sex slaves (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Solomon, Num 31, etc)

 5)       endorses slavery (Lev 25:44ff, Col 3:22),

 6)       promotes generational curses/genetic salvation (Ex 20:5, 24:7, Num 14:18),

 7)       orders the murder of children whom God loves? (Sodom, Gomorrah and the worldwide flood myth, Isaac-Gen 6, 22),

 8)       murders men, women and children of surrendered enemies (Num 31),

 9)       kills Sabbath breakers (Ex 31:9ff),

 10)   orders property to be stolen (“Go, possess the land of.Nu 33:53, Dt 2:24, Jos 24:8, Amos 2:10 et al),

 11)   orders us to kill disobedient children (Lev 20:9, Dt 21:18-21),

 12)   forbids collecting interest on loans to “brothers” but is allowed on foreigners (Dt 23:19)

 13)   honors abandonment of first wives and their children (Gen 21:12), and

 14)   orders stoning to death adulterers, homosexuals and people of other faiths (Lev 19-20, Dt 13),

 15)   orders stoning to death abortionists, adulterers, and false prophets ( Dt 13).

 16)   Forbids imperfect or deformed priests with flat noses or injuries (Lev 21)

 17)   Requires widows to marry a brother (Dt 25:5)

 18)   Cut off a wife’s hand if she aids her husband in a fight (Dt 25:12)

 19)   No security for women-This “Lord god” allows his followers to divorce wives who bring “no more delight” (Dt 21:14), and

 20)   even allows “the Lord’s men” to rape slave girls and go unpunished (Lev 19:20)!

 21)   The “Lord’s Holy Bible” orders believer’s to divorce foreign wives (Ezra 10) rather than love them into faith as in OSE.

 22)   Promotes King David as a true believer yet also a calculating unrepentant murderer of his loyal soldier in order to steal his wife (II Sam 11) so as to justify the murderous edicts of Wordless kings, popes, bishops and priests.

 23)   It allows “the LORD’s men” to have as many “concubines” (sex slaves) as they want and still be considered “godly men!”

 24)   Promotes two sets of laws, one for the commoners like the 70,000 innocent loyal soldiers murdered by “the Lord” for a sin of the king (II Sam 24) but divine exemption for the guilty king? Politicians today also exempt themselves from normal legal accountability based on this lie! The Original Word of YAH states “One Law under YAHUWAH, for all! (Shem/Ex 12:49, Bemid/Num 24:22)”

 25)   “numbering Israel” is a sin? (II Sam 24). Yet the Jews numbered the tribes often!

So how do we resolve all this obvious duplicity in “God’s Word?” Most just “sweep it under the rug” or dismiss it as “that all passed away at the cross” ignoring the eternal nature of God’s Word. Yet no decent person believes and practices the above commands of “the LORD” do they? Thus a huge crisis looms before every Scriptural believer. For us truth seekers, we need a trustworthy “Sure Witness” to guide us to His true OS! Where would this witness be? Has El YAHUWAH not provided for this? Yes, He has! In fact, many people are already following it above the Aramaic (Assyrian) “Holy Bible” of the Pharisees! That’s right. The biggest lie in human history is that the Jewish/Pharisee/Catholic “Holy Bible” is from God.

Shocking Truth: Only ten percent of the “Holy Bible” is from the Original Scriptures or our God!

The other 90% has been changed and promoted by Godless men who make their living off promoting religious religions and myths like Christmas, "righteous" child murder, stoning people to death, slavery, racism, polygamy, concubines, dishonesty, bigotry, genocide, stealing other's land, royal blood lies and Easter bunnies who lay fertility eggs! Santa Claus goes right along with their 500 year old Jesuit invented pagan savior Jesus! Blasphemy? Sounds like it until you actually study God's true teachings with an open mind and pray over it. We have all been brain-washed by pagan religions (Rev 12:9)! Study, repent of believing religious lies and only then will you realize that you don’t believe in nor do you practice the religion of the Holy Bible and its "Lord and Jesus!" In fact, if you are a moral good person, you stand on the side of local secular law enforcement that arrests those who do such evil!

We all have El YAH's internal “Spiritual Guide” by which we can verify His written Word! Do we not all know atheism, self-aggrandizement, dishonoring parents, murder, infidelity, polygamy, adultery, stealing, kidnapping, and lying are wrong? So who put that within us which contradicts many Holy Bible passages?

 From the beginning of my 50 year struggle to find and understand the Original Scriptures (OS), I never thought that this marvelous and often painful journey would end up so far away from the Christianity, where I began, but it is the most important journey we could ever take. We can help you get started!


                          The Original Scriptures in Summary

The Way to eternal life was designed by Eloah YAH before the universe was created. It has never changed. It never will. The Way is our sincere honest pledge to His “10+2 forgiven in YAHUW” Covenant of Love. His redeeming Chanon (Forgiveness) of sin through immersion in The Name and Blood of YAHUW activates His blood sacrifice for us. HWHY the Son became YAH-with-us, incarnated as “YAHUW-why The Savior.” After His resurrection, He was re-given His Eternal Name, HWHY. Thus, He is YAHUW The Savior and HWHY-HWHY The Eternal King.1)       The Original Scriptures (OS) will always be on the Earth according to MtY 5:18! The mid-eastern “YAomi Acarith Library” of the “Seven Libraries” of them has been found just near the birthplace of AbrAHam for these Latter Days and are now being translated for Seekers! The Rashuwn Owlam Shalemi texts (ROS), also called “Ha DebariYA Owlam,” found in 2002 ACE (2009 AY-After YAHUW) in eastern YAsarel (Iraq), contained 74 of the 77 Original Scripture Books, leaving only Ma’asAH MalakiYA II (Acts II, being compiled), Acarith YAomi (The Latter Days, being written) and ChazUW YAHUW (a Revelation of YAHUW, finished in 97 AY). All were accurately copied from earlier texts in YAHUWan/AbraUW (Paleo-Hebrew). All 120 of these texts are in perfect consistency with each other. ROS has a 50% agreement with the teachings of the 7,000 near-original pre-Massoretic texts but only a 20% agreement with today’s Jewish-Christian Bibles. The Scriptural Savior was and still is both YAHUW (why) our Savior and YAHUWAH (HWHY) our Risen Eternal Loving King of YAsarel. He alone can both forgive our sins and lead us to The Father the El HWHY. In Hebrew, it is written why. In AHlenic (Greek), “YAHUW” is spelled IHY, IOU, IY, IO, and IU.  YAHUWsha is IHC. At His resurrection, YAHUW MeoshiYAch is raised as YAHUWAH,e Eternal Loving King of the YAHUWdi and of YAsarel, the earthly Kingdom of YAH (Acts/MalakiYA 2:36).

2)       700 AHlenic (Hellenic, Greek), Hebrew, Syrian, and Coptic New Testament Near-Original (180-450 AY) texts, and some even up to 1500 AY also record our Savior as IHY, IY, IO, IHU, IOU, IV, IW and/or IU. These are all pronounced “YAHUW.” Most non-Catholic non-latin texts say “YAHUW.” These include the famous P-45, P-46, P-72, Codex Sinaticus, Alexandrius, Vaticanus and Ephraemi. The earliest public AHlenic text, P-52 (147 AY) uses IOU-(YAHUW)daios. See Appendices for early manuscripts.

3)       144 Prophets’ names and 77 MalakiYA carry “YAHUW” compounded in their very name! “Isaiah’s” true name is “Yasha-YAHUW” meaning “The Savior is YAHUW” (or “YeshaYAHUW” meaning “Salvation is YAHUW”). Would the Savior quote a prophet whose very name was a lie? If he was really the Catholic “IeSus” or “Jesus,” the main Torah prophet “Isaiah’s” name would be “Yasha-IeSus” or “Yasha-Jesus.” All the Hebrew texts say “YashaYAHUW!” See MalakiYA/Acts 2:21, 4:12 and 10:43.

4)       AHleleU-YAH” is the only phrase in world history that has been uniquely protected by El YAH so that, although over 5000 years old and the last three letters are still pronounced as the uncorrupted original in 7000 languages on Earth today! It means “Praise to YAH” yet few worship El YAH. Only a very few knew the full YAHUW and HWHY. All the letter pronunciations of HWHY (HWHY) are in AHleleUW-YAH (hywllh). Check it out. (Read YAHUWan right to left.HWHY left us a 4000 year old scientific living tape recorder to restore His Saving Name with complete irrefutable confidence.

5)       YAHUWdAH” (hdwhy) is the King’s tribe of DaUWd and our Savior. The “d” or “dalet” means both “the door to” and “yada” meaning “Praise YAHUW who is the door to YAHUWAH.” Pull out the “d” and you have HWHY (YAHUWAH), the Eternal Name of The Father and our Risen Savior. Shatan through the fallen Pharisee’s Yehuwdaiism of Babylon, corrupted YAHUWdAH to “Jew” to blind, deceive and destroy us with his twisted corruptions against The Eternal Saving Name of HWHY and His True Spirit of consistent love.

6)       YAHUWchanon (sn-John) 5:43 says “I come in My Father’s Name, yet most of you will not receive me. If another comes in his name, him you will receive!” YAHUW predicted Shatan would deceive almost everybody about The Father’s and His Name. Everybody has to go through the same seeking and repenting to come to HWHY through YAHUW Yasha (the Savior). The Name of HWHY is essential to lead us to who He really is and to Eternal Life (Ma’asAH/Acts 4:12). YAHUW carried as much of The Name of His Father as possible and still die, a YAH-Man, for our sins. Our sins are forgiven in YAHUW and we live forever in The Resurrected HWHY. The Son and the Father, are united by HWHY RUWach. No one comes to HWHY The Father except through YAHUW the Son! Believing “in His Name” means believing in His Nature/Being.

7)       Many Jewish-Christian leaders teach “the names of God” but only the singular “The Name of Eloah” or “The Name” (Ha Shem) occurs in Scripture, never “Names of Eloah.” The Father and our Eternal King do have many titles, yet over the 3600 years of the writing of The Scripture, the 77 chosen writers of the Original Scripture speak consistently of only One Eternal Saving Name and One Consistent Nature! YAHUW the Savior was given again The Name HWHY, “The Name above all names” after His atonement and at His resurrection (Maasah/Acts 2:36, PhilY 2:9-11). YAHUWchanon 17:11-12 states how YAHUW used HWHY Name to unify and protect His MalakiYA and also confirms that He was given HWHY Name (authority) to come to Earth. Maasah/Acts 2:36 summarizes it in that He was made and is both YAHUW the Savior and HWHY the Eternal King for all YAHUWans, all YAsarel.

8)       The names “IESUS-IESOUS-YEshua-YEsu-YEsus-YEHOshua-Jesus” are pagan gods of “Yehuwdaism” (Judaism), the polytheistic religion begun by Nimrod and Assyria!  “Jehov-ah (Yehovah)” means “love Jeho (Yeho).” The Jewish Bible comes from the Pharisees (Babylonian Talmud) who were converted to the Assyrian-Babylonian sun-elohim led by Yehoshua and Yehuw, followed by Holica (Holy), Jehov (Jove-Jupiter), Krisna, Sheva, Baal, Vishnu, Rama, Nisan, Tammuz (see “the cross of Tammuz”), Adar and the son/savior Yeshua (Jesus) who died on a Tammuz cross for the sins of mankind. Judeo-Christianity still have these pagan names in their corrupted scriptures (still called “the Holy Bible”) and call these elohim “our elohim” today! Many “signs and wonders” have been seen and experienced by thousands of believer’s in Yeho, Yeshua and Jesus, “the Son of Elohim (the gods).” Through religions, “Satan deceives the entire world” (Rev 12:9). The big question before OS seekers is “Is calling upon the only true God and His true Name necessary for the forgiveness of sins and eternal life?” Judaism, Catholicism, Protesting Catholics and we YAHUWdAH all say “Yes,” but we disagree on which “Savior saves.” Is it the 500 year old “Jesus?” Or the 2500 year old Yehudi Yehu-the-savior?” Or the 5000 year old Yeho-Tammuz of Assyrian Nimrod? We believe He is the Eternal Original Scripture’s YAHUW the Savior (YAHUWsha), the only Savior ever mentioned by 144 prophets of the OS! In YAHUWan, a person’s “name” also means a person’s “Character.” John 1:12, 3:18, Acts 2:21 and 4:12 all equate “His Name” to salvation. This means His divine Saving Character goes with His Eternal Saving Name. Most have experienced His Loving Spirit, His Presence, and innately know up to 25% of His Original Covenant Word, depending upon their love for truth and lifestyle, but eternal life is impossible to those who have never heard the true Scriptures.

9)        Judeo-Christianity is the world’s largest pagan religion. Jewish rabbis (YEhuwdi), Christian ministers, kings, rulers, popes, kings, and denomination leaders follow Nimrod of Aramaic Assyria, blaspheming The Word of YAH and bring great suffering on simple pious peoples with countless lies and religious arrogance. They steal our freedoms of free worship, honest inquiry, free speech, the right to bear arms, the right to fair trial by jury, honest currency (not fiat money controlled by “secret kings”), secure contract, honest payment, the right to own and secure homes without taxes, and the right to educate our own children without penalty. These “modern Nimrods” today still impose their “Mitsery slavery” on us by inflationary poverty, high interest loans, huge national debts we never agreed to, secret kickbacks, secret financial deals and numerous duplicitous taxes which enslave us still under their Assyrian-Babylonian “divine right of kings,” inflationary currencies (fiat money with high interest loans), and deceptive governments. Yet worst of all, they support pagan substitutions for Scriptural salvation. Now comes the Great Restoration, when El YAH’s winds of freedom and truth will blow again. It is time to put the “lord’s word” aside for the “Eternal Original Word.” Salvation is in YAHUWAH through YAHUW alone!

10)   Believing in His Name means confessing that “YAHUW is The Savior,” believing and pledging to His “10+2 in YAHUW brings AhabiUW” Covenant Laws! We are cleansed under the Forgiveness in the blood of YAHUW the Savior. The “forgiveness of our sins” in our conversion to HWHY by His shed Blood is activated through calling out upon and believing upon His Saving Name in faith. His sacrificial shedding of His Blood makes eternal life possible by His forgiveness of our sins! Loving HWHY in AhabiYA is the key to releasing His Saving Image and Spirit in us!

11)   Resurrection Salvation comes after we “endure to the end” (MtY 10:22) in a consistent intimate walk with HWHY RUWach. We must run the race of persistent abiding faith until the end of our Earthly life. It is only then that “we shall be saved” and guaranteed “Resurrection to Eternal Life.” His RUWach keeps us from failing to follow through unless we choose to deny him or His Word and “fall away” by personal choice. Nothing else other than your willful intention can “disqualify” you. We qualify for His Eternal Covenant Family only through freely given consistent mature love. We are freed to seek salvation by His Chanon (Forgiveness, Covenant Forgiveness) and filled with His Spirit so as to be “Word-Abiding” in His Saving Covenant. If we slip up occasionally, His Chanon covers us! Our end purpose is to be ultimately free in all areas of life for future Wordful responsibility in creative powers with HWHY for eternity. That place for which you were created can only be attained through “Loving (Ahabi) HWHY our Eloah-YA-Am with all your heart, all your nephesh and all your resources” and “loving your neigh-ones (fellow YAHUWans) as yourself.” The true savior would never be called “the Lord” because “lords” are under kings and lords serve kings! The true eternal Savior is The King of all kings, not “a Lord” under a King! King HWHY is that Eternal King of kings!

12)   When asked “Sir, what good thing must I do to have eternal life,” YAHUW the Savior (YAHUWsha) rHWHYeplied “Obey the Commandments” (MtY 19)! But which Commandments? The pagan translations take out HWHY’s Name and give only six of the Ten + Two Original Commandments but Ha DebariYA gives the answer the Savior originally gave. This is the repentance of breaking and pledging to The Way to Eternal Life. It has never changed. It will never change. His Word is forever unchangeable!

13)   Everyone who consistently “seeks El YAH” will eventually find HWHY and His Salvation. Those who have died yet never heard The Way of Life or The Covenant of Salvation will be given an invitation in Sheol (the grave) by us YAHUWdAH where they can clearly hear The Way of Salvation and, if they be converted, they will also be tested (like the rest of us being tested now) by Shatan at the end of the 1,000 Year Reign.

14)   At the White Throne Judgment, Shatan and his fallen angels (demons) will all be cast, with death, into the eternal Lake of Fire. Unlike the pagans who will “perish” in the fire, Shatan and his demons, being created with immortality, will suffer forever in eternal darkness. Then HWHY restores a “New Heavens and New Eartz,” which will exist and expand in its pristine original beauty and perfection in AhabiYA housing all His Family, YAsarel of The Kingdom of YAH. All will live forever in an Eternal Shabath of Splendor and Joy.

Welcome to The Way of YAHUW MeoschiUW that leads to Real Life, Real Freedom, Real Love found only through YAHUW the Savior. Join “The Family” today! Welcome home beloved Seed of AbrAHam! We are your Forever Family! We look forward to knowing you, for eternity!